that unexpected flow of strength

flying from one to another,

like a string connecting all of us,

through invisible pathways

where we leave the power of our footprints.



so present and so ignored,

running through our veins

to be spread out in the world

in tune with the beating of the heart

of that clockwork planet of ours.



gathered in the smallest details

of our rushing daily lives,

which as whole are part of the big picture,

pieces of a broken mirror put back together,

that healing effect

of butterflies flying in the sky

with the ability to connect every single flower.

As if all of us we were only one orchid

in the middle of the garden.


There is so much energy around

that we do not even see…



Energy in the fingers of a grandmother

holding the hand of that new life

walking by her side,

looking at the world through her eyes.


Energy in every step performed

by the dancer making love to the music,

lost in the echo of her feet on the floor.


Energy in the waves of the ocean,

with a dog barking

not being afraid of the movement of the sea,

approaching and leaning backwards,

in harmony with the moon.


Energy in every single hug,

in those everlasting in time,

in the shortest ones to compliment someone

and in those coming from the heart,

from the will to share an extra dose of energy

to help other people balance

and look at their souls in the mirror,

without fearing their reflection.



unexpected flow of strength

from one to another,

like a string connecting us.



Photo: Kristin Hansen