“The sea, the sun, the moon, the sky, they all want to see”

Trafalgar, Helena Goch


I wonder if there will be more footprints in the sand,

if we will draw narrow pathways by the whistling sea,

or if we will just have one more chance to see together

how the sky makes love to the ocean in the horizon.


I wonder if you will ever smile for me,

if you will share for a little more time that shimmering white light,

or if I will just have the option to kidnap your sun in the cells of my mind

so that I wake up with your rays in your absence.


I wonder if your fingers will ever write poetry in my skin,

if you will put your hand in my hips to move me to the right so that I see the moon,

or if I will just get to see the curve that your silver ring

makes to your index whenever you talk in my memory.


I wonder if we will ever be,

if you will let me swim in the stream of your sight

or if your eyes will just be a mirror instead,

a reflection  of my own brown holes

trying to reach your sea.


They all want to see,

the sky, the sun, the moon, the sea.

You caught us by surprise.