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“Sex should always be an exchange, not an expectation” Vagalume

I wanna get loose of myself

only if it means a double encounter in my bed,

devoting ourselves to each other

in a noble fight without any other harm

than the pleasure of invading your trenches

and letting you in my borders.

Let’s stop holding into our flags

and let us be explorers

in foreigner countries

that we will end up making ours

(at least for some time).


I wanna wonder in your map for hours,

discover every single corner hiding a secret

and searching for the light bubs

that will bring heat into a room

we will fill in with the breath of our voices.


I wanna taste your essence,

I wanna write into my skin

the words hidden under your own sins,

only if you dare to drink water from my stream,

only if you don’t fear the waves of my ocean

with the sweet bitterness of my rebel nature.


I can’t wait to let you under my legs

to see how you dive into my body

and we swim together

holding invisible hands

while we kiss each other’s deep seas.


I wanna admire your horizon,

get loose of my sight

and sail your boat as if it were mine,

for seconds that will turn into minutes made hours,

on a shared journey of (self)rediscovery.


I wanna take a one-way ticket to heaven

and stay up there all night,

making love to the moon on a triple hug

that will be our only chain in freedom land.


So, how about flying together?

I don’t mind holding your hand

and becoming the rope that moves you up north,

I just hope that you don’t mind taking me south

in an exchange of breezes of our hemispheres.

Wanderlust sex.